The Workshop

Read the report from the first CADILLAC workshop, May 23-25, 2016, in The Reasoner, Volume 10, Number 11 – November 2016. Thanks a lot Martin Mose Bentzen for writing this very nice piece.

The Copenhagen Association for Dynamics, Interaction, Logic, Language, and Computation (CADILLAC) will hold its first meeting on May 23-25, 2016 in Copenhagen. It is also the first scientific conference to take place in Freetown Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of Copenhagen. The Workshop will feature a Science and Cocktails Lecture by Rineke Verbrugge.

In this first edition of the CADILLAC workshop we wish to put particular focus on formal models of social phenomena. The third day of the workshop will be dedicated to this Special Theme.

The Workshop will continue the tradition of the Modality and Modalities Conference but will extend its scope beyond modal logic, to cover applications of logical methods in philosophy, linguistics, and cognitive science.


  • Patrick Blackburn (keynote, RUC)
  • Rineke Verbrugge (keynote, Groningen U)
  • Sonja Smets (keynote, Amsterdam U)
  • Mikkel B. Andersen (
  • Alexandru Baltag (Amsterdam U)
  • Martin Mose Bentzen (DTU)
  • Thomas Bolander (DTU)
  • Torben Brauner (RUC)
  • Zoé Christoff (Liverpool U)
  • Nina Gierasimczuk (DTU)
  • Sujata Ghosh (ISI Chennai)
  • Vincent Hendricks (Copenhagen U)
  • Klaus Frovin Jørgensen
  • Hanna van Lee (Copenhagen U)
  • Felix Lindner (Freiburg U)
  • Erik Olsson (Lund U)
  • Ron Petrick (Edinburgh U)
  • Irina Polyanskaya (RUC)
  • Carlo Proietti (Lund U)
  • Paula Quinon (Lund U)
  • Rasmus K. Rendsvig (Lund U/Copenhagen U)
  • Anders Schlichtkrull (DTU)
  • Marija Slavkovik (Bergen U)
  • Jakub Szymanik (Amsterdam U)
  • Jørgen Villadsen (DTU)

The Workshop is organized by DTU Compute and DTU Management EngineeringTechnical University of Denmark and Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen. In particular by: